I cannot say enough good about the clinicians at The Brain Balance Clinic. Her extensive knowledge in Neurorehab, specifically vestibular rehabilitation is evident in her treatment plan.

 As a recreation therapist, I was hired to help my client attend the Brain Balance program.  Having never heard of the program before I was pleasantly surprised to learn the many ways Neurorehab and vestibular rehabilitation at the Brain Balance clinic are used to retrain the brain to help people improve their lives.
I have witnessed my client who has an acquired brain injury improve her speech, balance, focus and posture among other things thanks to the treatment plan and interventions.
On top of all of this, her team have been true advocates for my client and has worked alongside her multidisciplinary team to help improve quality of life.
I highly recommend anyone who feels they may benefit from the Brain Blanace program and make that appointment!  She is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent clinician!!
Brooke B
Recreation Therapist.


-My daughter sustained an acquired brain injury 7 years ago when she was 4. While she made great strides in her recovery, her condition seemed to have plateaued over the last year or two. We could tell that her gait and poor posture was taking a toll on her hips and back and without intervention she would soon be back into a wheelchair.

Our child has made great strides over the last few months with Sandra Cramer. When she focuses, our hearts light up as we see her walk with a much improved gait. The cognitive exercises used have taught Aly that she is capable of focusing and completing multi step math problems.  Her behaviour has improved immensely, in part just because Ms Cramer has minimized her frustration.  We, and Aly in particular, have been reenergized by the improvements we have seen and for the first time in years are excited and positive about our daughter’s future.  We highly recommend the expertise of this clinic to anyone.

I applaud the clinicians at this clinic for being a pioneer in her field for Canada.  I thank her for bringing her Neuro rehab clinic here so our daughter has the opportunity to recover from a brain injury that the Ontario health care system led us to believe was permanent.

Tracy Pearce-


Juan is my 21 year old son, who suffered an anoxic brain injury on July 2013.

The therapies provided by the staff at Functional vestibular and balance clinic have helped him to decrease the effects of spasticity, improve his control of movement of his legs and to improve his overall balance.  All of that has allowed him to do exercise walking with a walker and on parallel bars.  It also has improved his speech and the tracking ability of his eyes which has helped him to read more efficiently.

The staff and specially Sandra Cramer have been very caring, understanding and knowledgeable.   Juan has been lucky to count on her expertise during his rehabilitations process.


-My mother had a Traumatic Brain Injury over 2 years ago. We were told time and time again that she would not improve very much, particularly after the 1st year. And to give up hope.
Thankfully, the clinicians here did not have the same opinion. Her attitude is always positive and optimistic, which is so refreshing to encounter within the medical community. This, helps a family tremendously, as they can more actively help their loved ones when they can see some light at the end of the tunnel.
Since we started at Neurorehab, which was just a couple of months ago, we have noticed tremendous changes in my mother. Her range of vision is much broader, she can see and responds to her left side which she did not do before. Her posture, volume and overall awareness is tremendously improved. Her attention has improved so much so that we can watch a show together, we can have a conversation for much longer than before, and she initiates conversation now all the time…something that she has not done in over 2 years. Her strength and balance are also improving, and with continued therapy we hope to get her walking again. And best of all is her memory. Since we began this rehabilitation, my mother’s memory is getting better almost daily. This in and of itself is a huge triumph.
Cramer is tremendously knowledgeable in her field. She is educated and more current on studies and techniques than anyone I have sought out in the past couple of years. And most importantly, she is the only one who actually applies these techniques. Nowhere else do they focus more on the brain when it comes to healing a brain injured body. She uses electronic tongue stimulation, vagal nerve stimulation, tens stim, screens for her to follow and touch, I could go on and on…there are usually numerous devices and techniques going on at the same time. Up until now, just reading about techniques and studies has been promising but frustrating…because although you can see there is hope, there is nobody to apply anything you have heard about. Until i started coming here.
Brittany is also extremely knowledgeable and is a wonderful addition to the staff. She is a perfect implementer of the techniques, with a great disposition, and pleasantly patient.
Her positivity is also extremely helpful. This is so important in that is helps us, the family, continue to try and to help our loved ones. They need us, and when we have hope and see positive results, we continue to push forward with their healing.
Thank you so much to everyone at Neurorehab.
G. Liddell-


Ania is a 20 year old girl who was born with Down Syndrome. When she was a teenager she hurt her neck while she fell on concrete floor.

Our friend who’s daughter was going for treatment told us how good Functional Neurology & Vestibular Rehabilitation was.

After eight months of rehabilitation our daughter speech improve, Ania understands questions given to her and she can answer it. Finally she keeps her head straight. Since Ania has been treated here and they gave us instruction how to talk with Ania we have better contact with our daughter. We can understand what she is talking about and she loves talking now that she knows how to.  She has so much confidence now.

Thank you so much to everyone here.

Hanna & Adam Guzik