Brain Health LAB

.imptHave you ever wondering how well your brain is actually functioning?

Have you noticed changes in your balance or have you ever had a fall?

Have you noticed your memory slipping or changes in cognitive tasks?

Do you ever experience any dizziness, brain fog or mental Fatigue?

Have you noticed the slightest tremor developing?


Our brain training health LAB uses the most advanced and cutting edge clinical applications in diagnosis and treatment.

How did we come up with brain health lab, because our patient asked for it.  Due to the improved effects they noticed with improved mental fatigue, sleep, balance, cognitive function and more 

Our Brian Health LAB encompasses various at home exercises as well as in clinic therapies!

 Our 2 hour Brain Health LAB assessment involves:

  • Neurological exam
  • Computerized VNG Vestibular testing
  • Computerized balance testing
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Cognitive and Memory testing

Price for 2 hour assessment is $349.00

Treatment sessions are 50 minutes and are $85.00 + HST.


Finally! An all in one program for you to find out your brain’s health baseline and to get set up with a program to do at home!

What does Treatment look like

You’ll be set with with balance, eye hand, and cognitive and memory tasks on multiple modalities. (these will depend on your ability and results)

Most advanced neurostimulation therapy including Trigeminal, PONS and vagus stimulation.                 

Go to research area to see the studies which reveal increase brain derived neurotrophic factors, increased attention, increased cerebral perfusion and more. 


Patients are given a wide array of cutting edge modalities to use in order to train their brains

Contact our Brain Health LAB to book a full assessment to determine the overall health of your brain!