Board Certified vestibular therapist


Experts in evaluation and treatment of Dizziness 

Disorders and Post-Concussion Syndrome!

We evaluate the brains function to localize and measure the impact of the injury. Individualized and targeted programs with progress monitoring to improve results and recovery timelines. 

Post-Concussion Screening

Concussion screening evaluates your brain’s processing and thinking (cognitive) function,
balance, and reaction speed after a head injury.
Most concussion symptoms are subjective. Our Concussion screening provide objective measures in order to determine severity. Pre-concession screening is also available to those at risk. Children are particularly at risk, especially those in contact sports.  
What you can expect during your Concussion Screening.
Patient performing computerized balance testing.

How we can help!

The most advanced Brain and Balance Treatment available

No referral is required. We accept new patients under auto-insurance and extended health benefits also. Please call us at (905) 331 – 9658 to make an appointment or to speak with a member of the clinical team about your health concern.

Vestibular Visual Therapy

Vestibular Visual Rehab

Specialized equipment, only 3 in Ontario!
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Post-Concussion Treatment


Get fast relief from headaches, neck pain, dizziness and more!
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Neurological Conditions

Neuro Rehab

Discover your recovery potential using Neuro Stimulation, Vestibular Therapy, Balance Training and more!
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RPSS Therapy

Modify how your brain functions through neuroplasticity! PONS, Trigeminal, Vagus stimulation.
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Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator

Neuro Sensorimotor

Only handful in Canada.
Neuro-visual, eye-hand,
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