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Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator

Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator (NSI) is an original multi-
disciplinary therapy system used with patients that require
visual or neurological therapy.

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About the Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator

Using a 50 inch, high definition touch screen television, the Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator system is designed to offer a host of therapy visual & neurological procedures.
These procedures are offered to a wide range of patients, including those with Decelerated Closed Head Injury, Accelerated Closed Head Injury, Strokes, Concussions and Diffuse Axonal Injury, Whip Lash Injuries, Neurological Disorders, Vestibular Disorders, Balance Disorders, Spinal Cord Injury.

The NSI is Programmable
& Adjustable for Each

The Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator is a programmable instrument that offers procedures to improve various visual and neurological skills.
These include: Pursuits, Saccades, Eye-Hand Coordination, Visual Reaction Time, Speed and Span of Recognition, Visual-Vestibular Integration, Ocularmotor Skills, Visual Motor Skills and Neuro-Cognitive Skills.
It also has an adjustable stand to accommodate patients of different heights and allows for easy wheelchair access.

Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator

Having as many as 40 procedures, the Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator
includes rehabilitation programs such as:
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