Neurological & Post Stroke Rehab

Using the most advanced therapy we apply only evidence based rehab; we assist those with stroke, FND and neurological Disorders

Neuro Sensorimotor Therapy helps Eye-Hand Coordination, Visual Reaction Time, Speed and Span of Recognition, Visual-Vestibular Integration, Ocularmotor Skills, Visual Motor Skills and Neuro-Cognitive Skills. Prepare for your driving test and improve brain function.

Fun cognitive tasks which encourages hand movement, brain function, and memory.  Remember stroke is an impairment in the brain.



A Post stroke patient is performing balance training. She is working on being able to shift weight to her left side (effected side). 


Patients can work on their eye-hand coordination  and reaction time with specifically programmed exercises

Working memory is very important for many populations (autism, learning disorders, ADHD, stoke, dementia, MIA, Parkinsons etc). The NSI has the capability of using both auditory and visual working memory!

OptoKinetics in horizontal, vertical and oblique planes with fixation tracking available. Perfect for patients with Parkinsons, stroke, ABI etc.

A Patient with PANDAS/PANS performing eye-hand coordination task paired with a cognitive “go-no-go” task to promote inhibition

A Patient with Neuro Developmental performing a an eye-hand task on the NSI with the Fitlights. This activity promotes eye/hand, working and visual memory, attention, cognitive speed and reaction speed.

Post stroke performing an auditory working memory task.

FND patient following a target with a moving (optokinetic) background while maintaining her balance.

A 6 year old patient with ADHD and Expressive Speech disorder performing an eye/hand task on the NSI. She must hold her attention and inhibit movements and remember which number or letter she was previously on.

A young Patient with an Acquire Brain Injury re-learning how to balance on the NSI Balance program.