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Manual Osteopathy

Suffering from neck pain, head pain, brain fog,
fatigue or eye strain? 

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Migraine Relief

Our approach to migraines begins with a thorough history and neurological exam. Once we identify what, where, and why you’re having your migraines, we develop a very specific treatment.

Advanced migraine treatment whether work related, postural, suboccipital, post concussion, or vestibular we can help

Using Manual Therapy for
Head & Neck Injuries

The symptoms that one suffers post-concussion is dependent on their pre-existing health, number of injuries and type of injury. We see those suffering from sports concussions, vehicle injuries and work related injuries.
Once we’ve completed a full neurological and vestibular exam, we analyze the best course of action to achieve premium recovery. Often, we can use progressive return to activity with stretching and balance training to effectively manage the severity of a concussion.

Head/Neck Therapies

Our treatments and techniques used to help patients best recover and
manage their post-concussion symptoms include:
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